U2 Atomic: Larry Mullen, Jr.

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Larry Mullen, Jr. - U2

Larry was born and raised in Artane, located the north side of Dublin. He began drumming in 1971, taking classes with Ireland's best-known drummer, Joe Bonnie. His sister, bought him his first drum-kit in 1973 for 17. He placed a notice at the infamous Mount Temple Comprehensive School in 1976, and his life has not been the same since. Although everyone knows the band as U2.

His award-winning career includes 14 Grammy Awards, the Rory Gallagher Musician of the Year Award from Hot Press Magazine, 8 Brit Awards, as well as many others. He has also served as a judge for the Shortlist Music Prize.

Larry Mullen plays a Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute.


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