U2 Atomic: Larry Mullen, Jr.

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1991>1993 era - drum kit

* per Musician magazine. September 1992 *
LARRY MULLEN's drums are all by Yamaha, except for his snare, which is made by Brady, an Australian company. It's a small snare (12") which he discovered while recording Achtung Baby and which is, according to drum tech Sam O' Sullivan, "The sound of the new stuff". Cymbals are Paiste Signature Series and his sticks are Pro-Mark 5A's. He plays Latin Percussion congas on the acoustic songs, hits a Latin Percussion cow bell and carries two Rhythm Tech tambourines. Here's how the drums are miked: The kick with a Beyer M88m the snare with a Shure SM27 on the bottom and a B&K 4006 on top. The hi-hats's got a B&K 406, the overhead cymbals a B&K 4011; the rack and floor toms are hung with M421's
U2's vocal mikes are Shure SM58s and Beta 58s.Their wireless system uses Samson and Vega Mikes with Shure capsules. Larry's wireless headset mike is a Sennheauiser M420 (same as Bono on 'Bullet The Blue Sky').


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