U2 Atomic: Larry Mullen, Jr.

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1986>1990 era - drum kit

During the 'Joshua Tree' tour, 'Rattle and Hum' film and the subsequent 'Love Town' tour, Larry was playing a Yamaha Turbo Tour Custom kit. There are a few exception to this 'rule'. One exception being the Ludwig that he can be seen playing during the "Angel Of Harlem"/Sun Studios footage, in the 'Rattle And Hum 'movie.

* per Musician magazine. May 1987 *
Larry Mullen's Yamaha drum kit includes a 24-inch bass drum, 14-inch rack tom, 2 floor toms and a 14-inch piccolo snare. Add two Latin Percussion timbales, Rude and Paiste cymbals, and Pro-mark 5A sticks, and you have it.

* per Musician magazine. October 1987*
Larry's drums are Yamahas, with LP timbales and cowbells. Cymbals are Paistes.

* per "Official RATTLE & HUM book (1988) *
Yamaha Turbo Tour series [except where noted]:
Yamaha bass drum 24" BD824T
Yamaha piccolo snare drum - 14" SSD493
Yamaha rack tom - 14" TT814T
Yamaha floor tom - 16" FT916C (2)
Yamaha floor tom - 18" FT918C
Ludwig piccolo snare drum - 13"
Latin Percussion "Tito Puente" model timbales
Paiste Cymbals:
Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hi-hats - 14"
Paiste 3000 Rude Crash/Rides - 18" (2)
Paiste 2002 heavy crash - 18"
Paiste 2002 medium crash - 18"
Sticks: Pro-Mark 5A ZX Oak
Cow Bell: Latin Percussion
Wood Block: Latin Percussion
Drum Set Tambourine: Rhythm Tech "Half Moon" DST (2)



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