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1984/1985 - The Unforgettable Fire era:
Larry Mullen Jr. plays Yamaha drums, the Power recording series. He uses a 24-inch bass drum, a 14-inch rack tom, two 16-inch floor toms, one 18-inch floor tom and a 14x6.5-inch snare. he has two piccolo snares - one by Ludwig and one by Eddie Ryan, an Irishman who runs a London drum shop - and two Latin Percussion timbales. His cymbals are Paiste: a 2002 18-inch crash, two Rude 18-inch crashes, one 20-inch Rude crash, a 20-inch 2002 Chinatop, and a pair of 14-inch Sound Edge hi-hats.
Mullen uses all Yamaha hardware, Evans drum heards (usually Black Golds), and sticks designed by Cappella Wood in New Jersey. He occasionally uses a Simmons SDS7 triggered by hsi acoustic drums. He uses a click track (triggered from Edge's Oberheim DX) on "Unforgettable Fire" and "Bad".

1983 - WAR era:
Larry Mullen's drum kit is a Yamaha Studio series with Zildjian cymbals. He notes, "For 'Like a Song,' we wanted a pastoral, Celtic feel, so I got hold of a bass drum and some skins and used my hand instead of my foot."

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