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2004-2006 // HTDAAB > VERTIGO era - drum kit

* click photo for larger view *

Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute
Acoustic Drums: White Mica (finish)
WSD-0107 14"x7" Snare Drum
WBD-1024 24"x16" Bass Drum
WTT-1014J 14"x10" Tom
WTT-1016 16"x14" Tom (to the left of his hi-hat)
WFT-1016 16"x16" Floor Tom
WFT-1018 18"x 16" Floor Tom
CS-940 Cymbal Stand (4x)
CS-945 Cymbal Stand (3x)
DFP-8210 Double Foot Pedal
DS-940 Drum Stool
FP-8210 Foot Pedal
HS-950 Hi-hat Stand
SS-940 Snare Drum Stand
Brady Custom Drums
12" x 7" Brady Custom Snare *


* While the Yamaha website lists a Yamaha snare drum, Larry does use the Brady 14 x 8 Sheoak Block for the VERTIGO tour.

** Also, while the Yamaha site lists Larry as playing Yamaha drums "since 1977", he did play Tama FiberStar drums during the "Boy" and "October" era's - and a Premier Olympic Kit before that.

Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute characteristics

Beech has the attack and presence of maple and the bottom-end punch of birch. Beech Custom Absolute has the best of both worlds and is the most versatile woods available.